[FIC SEARCH] Golden by crimsondomino

Hello, sorry for bothering you guys.. but i was wondering if anyone here have a copy of Golden by crimsondomino ? It was about stalker!harry; harry was really obsessed towards Draco it's kind of scary even ron and hermione couldn't do anything... unfortunately, the author took down the story and i can only found 1/4 of the story from web.archive.org

The summary goes like this:
Lucius is a good father. Despite what many believe, he does care for his son and wants him to have a good life which is why being friends with Harry Potter is out of the question. He wants Draco to have nothing to do with the boy with the vivid eyes and bedhead hair. All he wants is for Draco to be safe and for Draco to be safe, that means absolutely no association with Harry Potter.

He would never know his orders would have devastating consequences on the boy he was trying to protect the most.

If anyone have a copy, please send it to ayunurul482@gmail.com

I really appreaciate all the help
Thank you


Hello, i want to ask something, does anyone here have a copy of vertigo by jennavere ? if you have it, would you mind sharing it with me ? My email is ayunurul482@gmail.com. Thank you very much